General language courses at LSI provide language training in a group environment. These programmes will improve all areas of your language skills. You can also choose to specialise in a number of different areas.


 General 20

  • 20 Lessons per week (4 lessons per day)
  • 1 lesson: 50 minutes
  • Hours per week: 16 hours 40 minutes (20 clock hrs/wk in the USA)
  • 15 students max. per class
  • Course length: 1-50 weeks
  • Age 16+

During the lessons you rapidly improve your communication skills in a variety of everyday situations. In 2 lessons each day you will cover the following areas: grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation. In a further 2 lessons you concentrate on: speaking, listening, reading, writing. You use a text book and a wide variety of materials and exercises including roleplays, authentic materials, newspapers and magazines.

Intensive 30

  • 30 Lessons per week
  • 15 students maximum
  • Course length: 1-50 weeks
  • 1 lesson: 50 minutes
  • Hours per week: 25 hours
  • Age 16+

The LSI Intensive 30 course concentrates on all the areas that you need to achieve a much greater fluency in a short period of time. This course is suitable for students who wish to study intensively and get a well rounded insight into the language and country. Students on the LSI Intensive 30 course study the same lessons as described for General 20 in the morning. During the afternoon there are a range of electives to suit all levels, needs and interests.

English for Business

  • 10 lessons a week
  • Maximum of 15 students per class
  • Afternoon option on our LSI Intensive 30 course
  • Course length: 1-23 weeks
  • Intermediate to Advanced Level
  • Each module is separate and lasts for one week
  • Can be part of the ISY programme
  • Module start dates: contact school
  • Students can join every Monday
  • Hours per week: 25 hours
  • Ages 16+

English is the international language of business. This is why we have developed a special modular course carefully designed to improve your business communication skills. In the mornings you will study on our LSI 30 Course. In the afternoons you will study business modules, covering topics such as Banking and Stock Markets, Marketing and Advertising, Recruitment, Sales and Negotiating. You may choose the particular modules that are of interest to you, or follow the complete course to attain an advanced knowledge of business English.